Tierpsy Tracker

Multi-Worm Behaviour Tracker

This project is maintained by ver228

Installation Instructions

conda create -n tierpsy 

conda activate tierpsy [#Windows]
source activate tierpsy [#OSX or Linux]

On OSX the first time tierpsy_gui is intialized it will create a file in the Desktop called tierpsy_gui.command. By double-cliking on this file tierpsy can be started without having to open a terminal.


it seems that there might be some problems with the opencv version available through conda. If you have problems reading video files or encounter error related with import cv2, then you can try to install opencv using pip as:

pip install opencv-python-headless

Installation from source [for development]

Batch processing from the command line.

The script TierpsyTrackerConsole.py was deprecated in favor of using the command tierpsy_process. Type tierpsy_process -h for help.


After installing you can run the testing scripts using the command tierpsy_tests on the terminal. Type tierpsy_tests -h for help. Although the script supports running multiple tests consecutively, I would recommed to run one test at the time since there is not currently a way to summarize the results of several tests.