Tierpsy Tracker

Multi-Worm Behaviour Tracker

This project is maintained by ver228

Installation Instructions

conda create -n tierpsy 

conda activate tierpsy #[Windows]
source activate tierpsy #[OSX or Linux]

On OSX the first time tierpsy_gui is intialized it will create a file in the Desktop called tierpsy_gui.command. By double-cliking on this file tierpsy can be started without having to open a terminal.


Installation from source [for development]

Batch processing from the command line.

The script TierpsyTrackerConsole.py was deprecated in favor of using the command tierpsy_process. Type tierpsy_process -h for help.


After installing you can run the testing scripts using the command tierpsy_tests on the terminal. Type tierpsy_tests -h for help. Although the script supports running multiple tests consecutively, I would recommed to run one test at the time since there is not currently a way to summarize the results of several tests.